Threeskull (or 3Skull) facilitates the capture of three-dimensional landmark coordinates using a Microscribe digitizer.


ADBOU uses transition analysis to provide age estimates from skeletal indicators with explicit probabilities.

Many thanks to George Milner, Jesper Boldsen, and Roar Hylleberg for making the code available to me, which I continue to modify.


Fordisc is a computer program that uses statistical methods to estimate sex, ancestry, and stature from skeletal measurements.

Fordisc employs multivariate statistical classification methods including linear discriminant function analysis.


Osteoware facilitates the entry of extensive skeletal data into a database.

You can find information on Osteoware and download it here.

Programs and Spreadsheets for Forensic Anthropology

Programs and spreadsheets to estimate ancestry or sex based on recent publications.

Transition Analysis 3 (TA3)

Beta version 0.8.0 is now available!
NEW! USB beta version 0.8.2 is now available!

IMPORTANT: Both versions include a corrected data set (version 1.13).

NOTE: You will need to uninstall version 0.7.0 first. Updating through the program will work for the next version.

You can find TA3 documentation and download links here.

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