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The latest version of Fordisc is 3.1.322. (June 8, 2022)

Fordisc Editions

Fordisc for the PC

Fordisc PC runs on Windows PCs and laptops and requires an active internet connection at installation and to update. Up to two copies can be installed as long as they do not run concurrently.

Cost: US $395

Fordisc on a USB

Fordisc USB runs on a USB that is provided. The USB is guaranteed for five years. After that, there is a media replacement cost.

Cost: US $395; International orders cost $20 more for shipping.

Fordisc SL (Site License)

Fordisc SL includes a license to run a number of copies of Fordisc on PCs and laptops at an educational institution. Instructors receive the installation file and are free to distribute it to up to a maximum of 25, or 50 SIMULTANEOUS users or computers. The Fordisc SL license can be purchased for time periods up to 5 years. At this time, console/remote installations are not guaranteed to work, but we are exploring better installation options.

Fordisc SL can be installed on laptops or PCs but requires an internet (or intranet) connection and will run only on a specified campus. It uses traceroute (Windows tracert) to see how many “hops” away a campus server ip address is, and the program verifies the connection at program installation, startup, and occasionally while running. The ip address of the server should be one that is most widely accessible on a campus, and be stable and reliable. A second campus server address can be used for greater location flexibility. In Fordisc does not require administrator rights to run on a PC on campus. But to update, Fordisc SL requires administrative rights and an active internet connection to our server.

New Site License Cost: $100 plus: $100 per year for up to 25 simultaneous users; $150 per year for up to 50 users.

After installation, updates to Fordisc 3 versions above require an internet connection and are included in the purchase price.

Site License Renewal (purchased before the current site license expires) Cost: $100 per year for up to 25 simultaneous users; $150 per year for up to 50 users.

Fordisc Subscription

Fordisc S is ideal for secure locations or those with limited update capabilities. Fordisc S runs for a limited time (generally one year) and includes a time window for updates (generally nine months). Important updates are made available online, sent via email, or digital media via mail.

Cost: varies

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